About Exeter LETS - and How to Join

Local Exchange Trading Schemes (LETS) are local, non-profit organisations where all kinds of goods and services can be traded without the need for money, using an interest-free local currency - in our case, the Exe (or X) - so that direct bartering does not need to be done. It offers many social as well as economic benefits, through regular core group meetings, trading days and social events. LETS can help a wide cross-section of the community to save money and resources and extend their purchasing power as well as providing for social contact, support for local enterprise, and fun.

LETS is a truly international movement, there is no global governing body, but national and international networks exist and we are a member of LETSlink UK. Exeter LETS is based in Exeter in Devon, UK - other LETS groups exist in different areas, see UK map, and check our own map page for location. Exeter LETS was started in 1993 and currently has around 60 members. We are informally managed by a Core Group that handles the administration of the organisation, and any member can stand for election to the Core Group at one of our AGMs.

How it Works: Once they have an account in the system, members have access to their own "Profile" where they can keep their personal details up to date, write some introductory details about themselves, upload a photo and list their skills and hobbies as "Offers" as well as any particular "Wants". They can use their account to buy offers from other members for an agreed number of Xs, and in turn can earn Xs by offering time, goods, help, etc to other members. To begin with, you do not necessarily need to earn Xs in order to spend them - however, members are required to balance their accounts before leaving the scheme.

Joining Exeter LETS
Please explore our website, and feel free to attend meetings advertised on our news page. Membership of Exeter LETS costs just £7 (single), £5 (unwaged), or £10 (couple), £8 (unwaged couple) per year. If are unsure of anything before joining, you can use the send a query via Contact Us. When you are ready to join, please complete our Application Form.

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