Wanted Listings

Art & Crafts

Drum repairer Someone to restore my clay/animal skin drums - the clay has smashed.
Ornament repair
Picture Framing I have a couple of prints I need framing if anyone has this skill?
Someone to make a felt hat I'm looking for someone who can make me a felt hat - the sort that are in fashion at the moment (basic bowl with a small brim) are all too small for me with my gert head.

Building, Housing & Decorating

DIY needed The drop kerb on my driveway is broken and crumbling. Road is a private one so despite the damage being caused by bin lorries, I have to fix it no matter how much I argue that the council should contribute! If anyone has any experience with this kind of thing I would be really grateful.
Fence Building If anyone has any fence building skills I would love to hear from you as my allotment on Prince Charles Road needs fencing.Thanks.
Help moving bike shed
Painting and Decorating Looking for some help with painting the inside of my home in Beacon Heath please.

Children & Childcare

Childcare I am a single parent and would love to get out some evenings to dance and singing groups, talks and social events in the week occasionally.
Childcare/babysitting Childcare/babysitting for my 11 yr old boy. Will swap for treatments etc or X's and £.
Children's clothes Clothes for a 13 year old boy.

Domestic & Household

1 day's help with house clearing/cleaning Fixing a day to work together to make one room beautiful would encourage me and give great satisfaction
Carpet cleaner I'd like to borrow a carpet cleaner please for my lounge carpet.
Chimney Sweep Wanted
Cleaner needed Does anyone actually like cleaning? (Apparently some people do!) You are welcome to come clean for our busy family and we will pay you handsomely in Exes!
Lightweight curtain We need an extra-long net or light-weight pale curtain to sling under the conservatory roof to deflect heat and glare It needs to be not less than 8' long though not wide : 36" or 42" and ideally with tabs at one end to get a bamboo pole through. I have lots of shorter ones but a join wouldn't be right,
Logs we need smallish logs for burning
Memory Foam Double Mattress Topper I'm looking for a double-bed sized (200x140cm) memory foam mattress topper, at least 2" thick.
Scissor Sharpening
various wants Wanted please: Liquid or pellets for a portapotty small washing up bowl, Chopping board, Citronella candles, Cutlery, Pans, (only stainless steel, as Teflon is carcinogenic) Big mugs, Dishes/bowls, Folding chairs? Caravan tow hitch lock.
White goods required Large tall fridge; washing machine and washing-up machine required.
window cleaning Anyone into cleaning windows? we have big ones.

Food & Catering

orchard fruits or berries Would love some fruit I could turn into jam, happy to do the picking

For Hire

Disco equipment Anyone got any disco kit either for hire, or possibly selling? - amp/speakers - mixing decks - lights and kit Thanks
Pallet buster Does anyone have a Pallet Buster they could lend me?

For Sale

Logs, or any wood Its autumn again and I'm looking for any logs or wood that I can use on my open fire
single padded headboard Padded headboard for 3 foot bed required. Preferably pale or pastel colour.

Gardening & Conservation

Comfrey plants needed Hi I am after some comfrey plants to colonise on my allotment. Also aerating pond weed needed to deal with a grotty pond. Has anyone got some for exes?
Gardening Some help with tidying up a garden - weeding, edges etc, either one off or more
Gardening work needed Was conned by a gardener who did a bit then ran off with my final payment without finishing the job. Needs weeding, topsoil and laying grass seed plus maintenance to get it established and hopefully maintain it for me as I work full-time, study and am a single parent. Also Leylandii needs cutting back.
Hedge care/trim Iíd love someone to come and trim back a hedge for me, I think it will take an hour.
Help gardening I have to take it easy for medical reasons, however I have a sunny garden thatís ideal for growing veg. Payment in veg and endless cups of tea plus 1X per hour.
house plants would like offshoots, cuttings, or seeds of the following - mother in laws tongue, money plant (the one with large ivy-like leaves), and areca palm. not at all interested in any other plants.
Large garden fork and hedge trimmer Heldge trimmer to borrow if not for sale. Thanks
Large planters Large pots and planters needed for making a herb garden.. can collect
Lesley I have many tadpoles and am in need of pond weed and pond plants.


Accommodation May need to stay overnight if it's a two-day visit.

Health, Healing & Therapies

Anyone 'do' nails? Does anyone have nail technician skills in the group. Quite fancy my nails done!
Cranio-sacral treatment
Pilates Pilates course needed that I don't have to bookup a complete term at a time.

Know-How & Professional Advice

Bicycle Maintenance
Help with computer skills Computer tuition requested
Mechanic Garage work for my van (Renault Kangoo)
Scissor/Knife Sharpening

Lifts & Removals

AIrport transfer
Caravan towing I will need help to tow my caravan to a new site at some point.
Driving - lifts and transporting stuff I don't drive and occasionally I need a lift somewhere or to transport stuff, eg take some stuff to the recycling depot.
Lifts and removals I need to move a lot of boxes currently in storage at some point. Also lift for Trading Days. And a lift on 2nd Sat of each month, to Exeter Spinners & Weavers Guild.
Lifts on a Tuesday morning I'm looking for lifts on Tuesday mornings ideally from Topsham train station to Sarah Pennington's choir in Topsham at 10:35 and then back there at 13:00 - but could be from a different station if that was easier (so long as I don't have to walk far, because I can't due to M.E.). Happy to pay fuel and Xs. It probably wouldn't be every week, but some/most weeks during term times would be great - and I may have to cancel at short notice when my health dips. Please text or email if you're up for this, thanks.
Lifts required occasional lifts required
Nature time I love spending time near water. Iíd love someone to come pick me up and go spend some time gently walking with me. (I have a walking stick so Iíve gotta take it easy.) 1X
Need stuff taking to recycling centre Could anyone take some stuff to the recycling centre for us? We are car free now so this is trickier for our family. We are near St James School and the nearest recycling centre is Pinbrook Road.
pick up need 5 bags of compost picked up from Morrisons, Prince Charles Road EX4 7BY.

Office & Clerical

Admin help Ideally a few hours a month sending emails, contacting individuals for things or doing newsletter
graphic need words removed and re done on photo. I have attempted this but have made a pigs ear out of it. would be quick job for someone familiar with photo shop. Update this job is now done, by someone on the facebook lets page. He's not a member, so could not pay him anything for doing the job. I will have other jobs like this one coming up, only small jobs, But would like a member of Lets to do it so I can pay xs for job done.
help needed Who would like to help fight the roll out of 5G comming to Exeter next year. You won't have to do any direct action (but if you want to that would be even better). All am asking for is people who can read through documents and pick out useful information. Help in writing letters stuff like that. I will be the person who will be doing the direct action so no come back on anyone but me. Any help will be very much appretiated. And you get X's as well!
Organisational help Helping at meetings with hosting, refreshments and/or taking notes; if interested, setting up and advertising events that help push & support councils and groups towards a more planet friendly system and way of life.

Pets & Animal Care

Cat Feeder For occasional holidays 1 small moggie needs TLC - but mostly food and litter tray emptying. Heavitree
Cat Sitting We usually need a cat sitter at the beginning of June and again the beginning of August.
occasioanl hamster care I occasionally go away and need someone to take in my child's hamster, she's quite timid, very sweet and a pleasure to look after, a home with no cats please. If you are interested please let me know so I can check in good time about the times I am planning to be away.

Sports & Social

Bikes wanted
surf buddy wanted I would love to share lifts to where the waves are happening, I am an intermediate surfer.


Advanced windsurfing tuition advanced windsurfing tuition needed Exmouth
Computer software tuition at my own desktop at home
Computer tuition Must be patient and well-qualified, and charge 12x or less per hour
Computer tuition
Driving lessons I want to learn to drive in the near future, possibly even up to truck level.
Violin/music lessons