Offered Listings

-Events, Workshops & Seminars

Climate Action mentoring Help with designing personal/group/community action for work on the ground or lobbying local and national bodies. Possible workshop on facilitation skills
Talks on sustainability, peak oil, climate change Illustrated talks on what a better economy might look like and how we can promote it. Also discussion group on this and similar topics such as sustainability, peak oil, climate change and what can be done. Including active learning sessions for children at school.
Transition events We accept LETS for talks and meetings which have an entrance charge.

Art & Crafts

Greetings cards, post cards, photos [QE]
Haberdashery etc. I have sewing thread of every colour you could think of. Provide me with a sample of your fabric and I will find the nearest match. 1X per reel of thread. Items can be left for you on our front garden wall.
Knitted goods I make small hand-knitted goods: scarves or wraps, shoulder bags, pouches - they make very good gifts.
Knitting wool, natural colours Spun wool (?thick knit)in 3 natural colours from Jacobs sheep - cream, chocolate brown and rabbit grey, 6X per 100g
Knitting/crochet lessons I can teach knitting and crochet either individually or a small groups including to children.
Sewing tuition Can't sew on a button? No idea how to take up a hem? I can help you learn or do it for you. Patient and experienced.
Wall plaques Labyrinths, Triple Moons and Three Hares in terracotta, raku and iridescent paints.

Building, Housing & Decorating

Basic Carpentry I can offer some basic DIY skills locally to Exwick, I have a reasonable set of tools 15 X's per hour
Building tool and ladder hire Building tools and ladder hire, Exmouth. Now including electric demolition hammer. You want to emulate that wronged woman who wrecked her ex's car? Well no need to stop at that, borrow this tool and you'll be able to demolish the house!

Children & Childcare

Babysitting Mum of three. Can do evening babysitting when little ones are in bed. Used to run a babysitting agency. Have references.
Babysitting/childcare I am a retired trained nursery nurse with lots of experience including children with special needs. happy to do shortish periods of a couple of hours rather than full days.
Childcare I have been a registered childminder. I have more time in the evenings so more available for babysitting and one-off childcare.
Childcare I happy to offer childcare for children over 5 years

Core Group Work

Assistance with Website Members needing group or one-to-one coaching on website use, let me know. Due to recent health concerns, we are also looking at developing online meetings.

Domestic & Household

Decluttering Have you got far too much stuff, would you like some help reducing your clutter and living a simpler, tidier life!? I have done this myself and helped friends too. Get in touch.
House sitting [E]
House sitting & plant care
House-sitting Experienced
Ironing I'm not fast, but I'm careful and thorough. Can come to you to save delivery and collection.
Old sheets Sheets - mostly double - no longer serviceable but good as dust covers etc. phone 275534
Reduce your domestic bills Free price comparison over the phone / online with award winning provider UW. Reduce what you pay for: Electricity, gas, broadband, mobiles, insurances, shopping. You might have heard that all suppliers are currently the same and there's no point switching. This is NOT true. There are savings to be made, particularly on daily standing charge (the bit you can't avoid/economise) Check it out for yourself with a free, no obligation quote specific to your home. I would be really happy to help. Book into my diary here or call/text 07957908015. Speak to you soon, Kathy
Sewing [QE] Most alterations undertaken with a speciality for jeans zips
Sewing Favourite clothes mended. Trousers taken up.Some clothes alterations offered. Curtains made or altered.
Sewing Small sewing jobs, repairs and hems taken up.
Sewing and repairs Hand or machine sewing including overcasting and overlocking for stretch materials and decorative stitches. Experienced.
Sorting out

Food & Catering

Apples - cookers and eaters
Jam making I can turn your fruit into jam.
Organic fruit and veg organic fruit and veg in season
Vegan Cakes Need a vegan cake or traybake for an occasion or event. I'm not professional and can't do anything too fancy. But if you want a tasty vegan cake I'm happy to help.
Vegan Transition Support Need a vegan buddy to help you make the transition to a plant based diet? I've been vegan over 11 years and supported others transitioning, happy to help :)

For Hire

Back cushion Also coccyx cushion. Offered by Lindsay.
Bench Grinder (in situ)
Birthing Pool (30 pounds for new liner + 50 Xs)
Bunting Decorate your event with bunting, hand made from vintage fabric. 20 6metre strips available. 1X per strip per event. (negotiable sterling / Xs)
Camping equipment For hire. 2 person tent, 2 rucksacks.
Caravan Short lets for holiday/retreat. Caravan is among trees on smallholding in Cheriton Bishop - 3 berths (4 if one is small). It's self-contained and has electricity and gas. Beautiful walks, near Dartmoor, bus access. 6X per night, or a bit of help with gardening. Gill Westcott 01647 24789.
Chain Saw electric
Gazebo Large gazebo, 3 metres x 3 metres. Suitable for gardens, parties, fetes, fairs etc.
Gazebo 3m x 3m
Hire of highchair
Juggling toys for small events I have some poi, devil sticks and practice staffs that are hand made (I did this as a job in a past life). I have used them for parties where there are children and adults. please get in touch if you are interested
Kneeling stool Offered by Lindsay.
Lawnmower Motorised lawnmower
Mechanics tool hire Basic car/boat tool hire
Megaphone, placards, banners DIY Demo: For sympathetic organisations only, nearly new megaphone plus a selection of placards and banners for hire in Exmouth. You'd have to over-paint the placards/banners and think of something to shout!
Slide projector Projector
Tools for hire Double ladder, petrol strimmer, lawn mower, saws, sledge hammer, pick, drill, sander, hot air gun, electric plane, electric paint stripper, electric jig saw, hedge trimmer.
Trestle Table

For Sale

Black cohosh Menocool, menopause tablets. 70, dated 2023. Free. Not suitable for those with breast cancer in family.
Bluebell Bulbs - some camasia, others standard bluebells
Curtains Dark blue, two pairs, lined and almost finished - never quite managed to finish the hems. One pair is 150cm wide / 144cm long. The other pair is approx 375cm wide / 135cm long (for a bay window, I think). Can send photo.
Dumbbell set 2.5kg Set of dumbbells for sale, 2.5kg each, very handy for home fitness. They are green and comfortable to hold. Can send picture if you're interested.
Fresh figs available (4 for 1x Xs)
Greeting cards Large range of everyday cards and stationery available - part sterling and part Xs (from 1X Xs)
Ivory silk fabric I have a small quantity of delicate ivory silk which might be of interest to someone.
Jam jars - Bon Maman clean Jam Jars Could deliver (1 Xs)
Jiffy bags and padding/packaging (various) Jiffy bags and padding/packaging (various) and bubble wrap (large sheets) - negotiable X or sterling, not wanting much for them!
Plants - Rooted raspberry canes (1x each), blackcurrant cutting, iris, clumps of lemon balm, strawberry plants, bluebell plants (3 for 1x)
Silk single duvet This was kingsize and when its filling wore thin I doubled it over to make a single and it is in a cotton cover. Light and warm but not now needed. (15 Xs)
Soft toys Variety of soft toys for sale. 1X each
Woollen crocheted poncho Mustard colour with ginger detail (colour now fashionable!). Crocheted by me in the dim and distant past. (15 Xs)

Gardening & Conservation

Bamboo plants pot-grown bamboo - max. 3' height - capable of being divided. No charge
Bamboo root a clump of bamboo root with two slender canes attached. 1X
Garden design I give garden advice particularly on how to make your garden low maintenance but enjoyable. Qualified and experienced.
Garden space for growing vegetables I have a sunny garden with a greenhouse that needs weeding/fixing up, perfect for growing organic veg. Xneg but would like a share of the veg for the Hope-Help Community.
Gardening Organic vegetable growing and general gardening
New plants bamboo canes and a small rooted plant tough ornamental grass campanula lilies I can bring them to trading on 11th February (1/2x, 1x or 2x Xs)
Strawberry plants
Tree echium Several tree echium, currently up to 2 feet in size and in pots, would love permanent homes. Need sun and a lot of space as they will be large when mature. Good pollinators. 5x each.

Health, Healing & Therapies

Alexander Technique Good for stress management, back pain, musicians, performers etc - part sterling, part Xs
Chakra Balancing In a Chakra balancing session I help you use the Chakras as doorways to access unresolved past issues. I follow and guide your process when needed, working with the unconditional loving awareness of the Soul/ Higher Self. Awareness and emotional release bring healing both psychologically and physically. So we can move on with new energy and wisdom. Balancing the Chakras is a deeply relaxing, inspiring self renewal. It is done on a comfy couch with all your clothes on :-) (15 Xs)
Counselling I have some training and certificates in counselling (one in bereavement and loss) Rather than give counselling sessions I would be happy to be a listening ear, you can chew things over, off load,share your problems! (8letsper hour Xs)
Counselling/psychotherapy Spiritual companionship Counselling
Counselling/Psychotherapy [QE] BACP Advanced counsellor, Core Process.
Counselling/Psychotherapy Qualified and experienced practitioner.
Distance healing Distance Healing Email me the details, include a picture if possible. If you like I’ll advise the time of the Healing? (10 Xs)
Foot massage
Hypnosis Using Rapid Transformational Hypnosis, we can work on removing blocks to success, resolving historic issues and reducing unhelpful behaviour and negative thinking patterns. I will also provide a hypnotic recording to use at home.
Japanese Ki massage
Life Coaching and Professional Development
Massage [QE] Qualified massage therapist. Deeply relaxing treatments offered from my therapy room at home in Crediton or a home visit.
Meditation Group I lead guided visualisation meditation groups from my house. Space is limited to 7 or 8 seats. I have two cats so watch out if you are allergic.
Nutritional Therapy [QE] VTCT
Past Life Therapy This is the same as Chakra Balancing (above). Some people find it easier to resolve present difficulties using past life experiences, especially if there was significant trauma in present life childhood, or if present life experiences cannot be remembered. Past Life work is not for everyone, if in session, your body/mind/soul decides not to go back into parallel/past lives we will work on the ample memories provided from childhood(15 Xs,).
Reflexology [QE] Reflexology to relax and restore
Reiki [QE] 2nd degree
Reiki Healing / distant healing I can offer Level 2 Reiki healing and distant healing.
Shamanic counselling
Stress Management
Thai Yoga Massage I can offer sessions in Thai yoga massage on weekdays and some sundays. 30 X's and 25 sterling for a 90 minute session


Braille Transposition and teaching
Freeing your creativity
Meditation [E]
Shamanic journey tuition

Know-How & Professional Advice

Cracking the cryptic crossword code Give your brain a workout and learn how to think round corners, turn words inside out and impress your friends!
Education advice/support [QE] Including disability and learning difficulties.
Energy saving advice
Family History I'll do it or help you do it
Family History Research 1:1 tuition using at my home on your family tree research. Uncover the secrets of your family's past with experienced researcher.
family history research and advice 1:1 tuition using at my home on your family tree research. Uncover the secrets of your family's past with experienced researcher.
Fundraising I was a professional fundraiser until a couple of years ago working for various local charities. I've done all levels of fundraising from raffles, stalls and crowdfunding up to creating and managing appeals raising a million pounds. Let me know if your charity needs help or advice with fundraising.
Green living advice
Growing advice Organic Gardening advice
Home staging - help with house selling I have run businesses in home staging and estate agency so I can offer a consultancy service for home staging or interior design. Selling a home can be stressful and so I can advise how to make the whole process a lot easier, quicker and potentially more profitable.
Interior design I can offer advice on interior design - having done a number of Interior Design and Styling courses during the course of running my home staging business.
Mac whisperer I'm an experienced Apple mac user and trouble-shooter (and good listener!) - I'm happy to help people learn to use their macs better, and to solve problems.
Maps O.S. maps - Information and advice anything to do with O.S. maps of British Isles (Richard) (hourly rate 10 Xs)
Marketing, publicity and social media If you need help with marketing, PR or maybe social media I can offer help. Previous Fundraising and Marketing manager.
Sustainability and Resilience
Translating / Interpreting [QE] French to English.
Translating/interpreting Experienced (over 14 years) and qualified in English-German and German-English

Lifts & Removals

Driving Your Vehicle
Driving your vehicle
Driving/moving stuff I have a Transporter van
Lifts Occasion/specific. Bookable. Offered by John.
Lifts Van available.
Lifts (bookable)
Lifts and help with big purchases Help with lifts to local places and I can help you with large items in my estate car.
Lifts and light removals Lifts offered by John.
Lifts: Bookable (petrol cost + per 7 miles 1 Xs)
Light removals Using an estate car.
Removals/ Light Haulage Estate car.
Removals/ Light Haulage Moving stuff in Landrover.

Music, Performance & Writing

Bodhran Large Bodhran, needs new skin 5X
Circus skills Hooping for fun, fitness and parties for all ages. Can include hoop making workshop. Part payment.
Languages Qualified German translator
Music transcription / proofreading
Musical entertainment Guitar/flute duo, song or instrumental, or solo songs, suit parties, picnics etc, background or foreground, small set 20X or pro rata, plus petrol cost. Ring to discuss type of music you want.
Singing facilitator I can facilitate groups of adults to sing in harmony, I could do this at a party or event as an icebreaker or to encourage a sense of community.
Singing/songwriting mentoring I will listen to your songs and offer tactful, supportive and helpful critique. Can also offer help with singing technique.
Songs, for parties, events etc Mostly folk, self-written and otherwise, for entertainment; also instrumental music, guitar and flute. Flexible charges. Expenses in sterling if far away.

Office & Clerical

Admin / secretarial [QE]
Admin/secretarial Including software - qualified Foreign Trade Merchant
IT help PC repairs/problem solving.
Proof reading I can check an important document for accurate spelling and grammar, and give advice about use of language, readability, etc. Don't rely on your spellchecker!
Speed typing I can type 100 words per minute, so it won't take long! Can work from your text (I'm good at deciphering handwriting) or an audio recording. And I can proofread spelling and grammar as I go.
Typing/Word Processing
Typing/Word Processing [QE] Also audio (110 wpm)
Web Design and IT tuition I offer web design and IT services from building simple websites to just helping you get the most out of Word or Excel. I have spent nearly 30 years in the IT industry but don't let that put you off. I am pretty approachable and patient and am always keen that people get the most out of their technology.

Pets & Animal Care

Cat care If you need cat feed, play with why your away let Me know
Cat Feeding Cat Feeding Newtown/St James area only (10 x negotiable Xs)
Cat Sitting Offered Ex-vet nurse cat worshipper available to feed, clean up after and cuddle your cats when you're away!
Dog walking
Dog Walks I can offer dog walks in the Exwick area, please contact to arrange, dog must be child friendly.
Pet sitting/care Cat feeding and care

Sports & Social

Activity partner Walking Companion for treks.
Bike Maintenance I can offer bike maintenance on a basic level, I would either work from home if its a small job or the 'ride on' bike workshop on wednesdays if extra professional help and proper work space is needed. I have maintained my own bike (which is my favorite mode of transport) for the last decade, have rebuilt a bike from scratch and love to tinker and make things work well. 15 X's per hour? or negotiable...
Camping field nr Dartmoor
French conversation I'd like to meet occasionally with people who speak some French, to practise in a relaxed, social atmosphere. Contact me if you'd like to be involved in such a group. (No charge Xs)
Swimming, walking companion


Circle dancing Leading european and choreographed circle dances for groups and events.
Computer Support Database, spreadsheet, e-mails sent and received
German German as a foreign language - German speaker and qualified.
Maths and Music Tuition {QE] Maths: GCSE, [QE] Music: Flute/Violin up to Grade 5.
Maths help GCSE/A Level
Maths help
Music Piano/violin - Steiner teacher - 7yrs-adult [E]
Music Tuition I can offer music tuition at all levels for: Guitar [acoustic and electric], Piano, Music Theory, Song Writing, Coursework Tuition [GCSE, A-Level, Degree]. 07436 844 228. X's negotiable.
Specialist dyslexia teacher Help with reading, comprehension, spelling, handwriting, numeracy, organisation, revision and exam skills. (20X per hour Xs)
Teaching driving [QE]
Violin and piano [QE] Offered by Emma.