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The annual subscription cost is: £7 (single), £5 (unwaged), or £10 (couple), £8 (unwaged couple). Please make cheques/POs payable to “Exeter LETS”. Electronic payments (via internet banking) are also possible, please mention in the box below if you would like to do this and we will send you the relevant details.

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Please use the message box for any additional information about your circumstances or information about your organisation, centre or project, any key offers and wants, and your aspirations for participating in Exeter LETS.

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When you click the SEND MESSAGE button below, an email of the above information will be sent to the Membership Secretary, who will respond as soon as possible with payment details etc. If you go "back" on the browser you can see the form again. If you are paying by cheque, please print it, then send it with your cheque for the appropriate amount to: Membership Secretary, Exeter LETS, 39 Regents Park, Exeter EX1 2NY.